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The Power of Critique Partners and Beta Readers

Over the past couple of months we've discussed extensively how to edit your work, questions you should ask during your first read-through, and how to decide whether to keep a scene. Today we'll discuss one of the scariest parts of writing: getting feedback. Specifically, we're going to talk about critique partners and beta readers.

What are critique partners and beta readers?

Critique partners are the first people to see your manuscript. They're other writers, usually in the same genre, who go through your work piece-by-piece and offer constructive criticism with the goal of helping you write the best book possible.

Beta readers are people who read your book after your critique partners but before you send it to professional editors. They are sometimes writers but are always voracious readers, and they give you a reader's impression of your book.

Where can you find critique partners and beta readers?

There are several good places to find critique partners and beta readers, especially online. Here are some of your best options:

Final advice

Working with critique partners and beta readers is a great way to get used to receiving feedback before you work with an editor (or reviewers), improve your novel, and discover your writing weaknesses so you can develop your craft. And, when you find someone who provides great feedback and is willing to read your book all the way through, cherish them as though they are more precious than gold, because in my experience, they are.

Dianna Gunn is the author of the fantasy novel “Moonshadow's Guardian” and the Write Plan content writer. She also blogs about creativity, life and books at The Dabbler.


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