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Story Assessment Testimonials

"I have used editors and beta readers for all my novels and TV series work. Cameron is the best of the bunch. Her work is professional, neat and concise. She finishes on time as promised. 


Additionally, her comments are clear and helpful. Her most recent effort on my horror novel guided me through a rewrite, which greatly improved the book. 


I would not hesitate to recommend her to assist and collaborate on any writing project, and I will use her as often as I can in the future."

-George Young

"The [story assessment (short)] was great! Not only did I get a LOT of honest feedback from Cameron, but I was also given pointers on how to make my manuscript better. She gave me information on things that some editors would not and now I am on the proper track to creating a professional and well thought out manuscript. Her response time is very quick and her communication skills are top notch. I was very impressed with the [story assessment (short)] service and I will definitely use Cameron again for a [story assessment] for future projects." (Update: Sade is now represented by agent Naomi Davis of BookEnds Literary.)

-Sade Smith

"I have to admit that I was skeptical about paying for a [story assessment (short)] at first. Many other authors told me they get great feedback from going to friends, family, and writing groups and get great feedback. I did not have those results. I was ready to jump into a full round of developmental editing when Cameron suggested a [story assessment] first.  Cameron's feedback was fast, accurate, and crammed a surprising amount of information into two pages. She was able to confirm flaws in my manuscript I wasn’t sure about and pointed out many more I didn’t even know existed. Cameron's feedback has helped me improve as a writer and my first book will ultimately be far stronger for it. If you haven’t had much luck with beta readers or just want someone to take a much sharper look at your manuscript, a [story assessment] from Write Plan is the way to go."


-Waldo Rodriguez

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