All custom sites start at $300. This includes the custom design with a home page, an about page, a contact page, and a social media bar. Depending on the complexity of the final design, the cost of additional elements will vary. Below is an estimate of what additional elements may cost:


  • Stock Photos ($10 per photo)

  • Stock Videos ($25 per video)

  • Additional Pages ($10-$25 per page)

  • Blog ($30-$60)

  • Newsletter Sign-up Form + Setup ($20-$35)

  • Photo Galleries ($25-$45)

  • Image Slideshow ($5 per image)

  • Chat Forum ($15-$35)

  • For anything else not listed, we'll give you a custom quote on those elements

To give you an idea of how this may add up for an author website, let's say the author wants a minimalist site with no stock photos or videos. The author wants 2 additional pages, a blog, a newsletter, and a slideshow of their 7 books on the front page. Here's how the cost would break down:


  • $300 base price (the design, 3 pages, and a social media bar)

  • 2 Additional Pages ($20) 

  • Blog ($30)

  • Newsletter Sign-up Form ($20)

  • Slideshow, 7 Images ($35)


So, for a total of $405, the author will receive a custom design along with the following site elements: 5 pages, a blog, a newsletter sign-up form, a slideshow showcasing their books on the home page, and a social media bar. 

*Keep in mind that since their site uses a minimalist design, all their additional elements will cost less than that of a complex design.

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